Anthropologist and coloratura soprano, Sylvia Falcon is from Lima, with an Ayacucho-Huancavelica of extract. Her extensive range and performance quality make her one of the most beautiful voices of Peru and the Andean world.

She has directed social projects that promote the strengthening of cultural identity through music: Eucaliptuchay (2010) and Yauli (2012).

Along with the unique guitar maestro Daniel Kirwayo, Sylvia Falcon has produced two albums: KILLA LLUQSIMUN When The Moon Rises (2008), recreating with virtuosity the sound tradition of the Andes, and Inkario (2014), a fascinating exploration of the Andean coloratura. Of Inkario, have been made official videos clips “Paras” and “Mamallay” audiovisual testimonies of his aesthetic proposal.

THE CONDOR PASA – 100 YEARS (Play Music & Video 2014), a record anthology of the world famous work of Daniel Alomía Robles, Sylvia Falcon is presented as a researcher and co-general producer.

She has shared the stage with renowned musicians such as guitarists Pepe Torres, Ernesto Hermoza, pianists Pepe Cespedes, Carlos Bernales Vilca and Symphony Orchestra of Cusco. In 2014 she sings in the 5th. Peruvian Film Festival in New York, offers a memorable concert for the New York University (NYU) and collaborates in the film The Last Princess Inca of the director Ana de Orbegoso, awarded at the Big Apple Film Festival 2015.

During 2015, assumes the art direction of DVD William Luna In The Studio offers recitals in Cusco, Chiclayo and Trujillo, launches the National Anthem of Peru in Quechua, causing a stir in the press and social networks. In November, Sylvia Falcon successfully debuted at the National Grand Theater of Lima with high success, and was recognized by the Congress of the Republic of Peru for her continued contribution to the spread of Quechua or Runa Simi.

In 2016, she participates in “Dario Nuestro” an album commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of poet Ruben Dario (Embassy of Nicaragua), shares the stage with Howard Gospel Choir invited by the Embassy of the United States of America in Peru, launches the video clip “Amor Indio”, returns to New York to give a recital at the prestigious King Juan Carlos Cultural Center of NYU and the emblematic Cornelia Street Café of that city.

Sylvia Falcon has just been recognized by the Ciendtífica del Sur University as illustrious personage for her contribution to Peruvian culture.

Currently, she is recording his third album titled FANTASÍA POCKRA, a tribute to the music Ayacuchana.

Anthropologist, performer and producer, Sylvia Falcon represents an exquisite artistic proposal that revives the beauty of the ancient Peruvian musical culture today.